I dont just capture I CREATEsm

As a photographic artist I don’t just capture images, I create works of art. My work, inspired by the world around me, mirrors my world within. With a love of the coast this is where I find much inspiration. I’ll often be up with the birds searching for the beautiful soft colours and light that early morning offers. Working intuitively, it’s whilst looking through the viewfinder I can focus, I can find a stillness, and I can allow my vision to emerge. It is this vision, how I choose to see the world that I manifest through my work.

Whilst the camera captures the image, photoshop brings my vision to life. Both are important tools in my creative process, allowing me the freedom to create artwork that is truly a reflection of who I am. I have always admired the paintings of William Turner as he expresses emotion through nature. Traditional artists uses paint and a canvas, as a photographic artist I work with photos on my digital canvas. At times I may make the light shine a little brighter or the sky appear a little bluer but this is how I express emotion through the landscape, this is how I create my world.

Printing my work is when the magic really happens. To create a beautiful print is an art in itself, one that has taken me many years to master. Having worked in the printing industry for many years I know my craft and take great care and pride in producing a beautifully crafted piece of photographic art. Many hours can be spent perfecting an image and many test prints are produced to ensure each and every detail is just right.

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